Content strategy: Define Your Goals

Content strategy starts with defining what you want to accomplish. Consider what your brand stands for, your marketing objectives, and the needs of your business. Be sure to get buy-in from all major stakeholders, because your biggest decisions will flow from your goal.

A few goals that a content strategy may address include:

  • Growing awareness of your products
  • Supporting customers
  • Changing how people think about something
  • Attracting and retaining employees
  • Encouraging free trial signups
  • Nurturing leads into conversions
  • Building repeat customers and loyalty

It’s natural for goals to shift as your organization grows. For example, when you’re just starting out, you’ll want to focus on building brand awareness. As you become more established, your attention may move to nurturing leads. Plan to periodically revisit your content strategy goals to keep them aligned with the needs of your business.

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