Content strategy: Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is critical to a successful content strategy. Go deep here – spend time talking to your sales team and gleaning every bit of insight you can find about your audience.

Who do you want to reach? For B2B marketers, this will often include multiple people: the buyer, the end user, experts who consult on the decision, the business owner, and so on. For B2C products with less complicated buying cycles, you will want to gain a sense of 1) who makes the purchase and 2) who can help you amplify your content.

What do they care about? Think of the problem your business solves, your prospect’s pain points, or the things related to either of these that your intended audience will spend time learning about.

How and where do they like to consume information? Is video big in your industry? Does your audience tend to spend time on certain social media, like Reddit or Instagram? When do they turn to Google for information? Are they likely to subscribe to a newsletter?

The answers to these questions will point to which media types to use (video, audio, images, long-form blog posts, influencer or celebrity endorsements, etc.), what topics to address and what stage of the sales process (top, middle, or bottom of funnel) the intended audience is in, and the delivery channels that make sense for your content strategy (SEO, paid search, social media, email, forums, PR, etc.).

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